Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New supplies!

Well, I am a little bit late but... HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish to all of you 2012 wishes for health (of course) and happiness!

So, today is my day off and I wanted to go downtown to buy some herbs. After buying my wonderful herbs, I ended up in Tiger stores. It's a new shop here in Thessaloniki and it's been a while since I wanted to go there. Today was my first day there and I got excited!! There are many things that you can buy for your home, for gifts and of course for DIY projects! So, here are the things I bought today:

And all of these for only 6 euros! The prices are: 
each ball of yarn - 1€, 
knitting needles - 1€, and 
the canvas - 2€ 

Oh my God, isn't this amazing? And the yarn is sooooo soft! I've already crocheted an iPhone case with the blue yarn. I will post the pattern and photos as soon as I can (I'm in a hurry now). 

I'm leaving for now. Can't wait to post the iPhone case crochet pattern!


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