Friday, June 17, 2011

Crocheted Circles Necklace

While I was browsing a fashion magazine I saw this necklace by Swatch new collection.

Loburia Blue

I was really fascinated by this necklace but unfortunately I can’t afford to buy it… So I thought, it’s an easy pattern, I can crochet it and have my own Loburia necklace!

I made the necklace using Lucy's (Attic24) directions for flat circle [you can find the directions here]; I will make another post as soon as possible with the directions in US terminology. 

Making the necklace..

Items I used:
  1. DMC thread in 3 different colours: cyan (no. 932), blue (no. 931) and dark blue(no. 930),
  2. Black thread (no name, I bought it from Ebay in the past),
  3. Silver chain,
  4. Some silver jump rings,
  5. One silver lobster clasp,
  6. Steel crochet hook no. 5 (1,7mm) [but you can use whatever size you feel comfortable with),
  7. Flat chain nose pliers, and
  8. A pair of scissors.

Before I got started, I divided the DMC threads in 2 halves, to have a thinner thread to work with and make the circles more delicate.

Using the cyan thread I crocheted a 4-round circle. It looked like this:

Then, using the blue thread, I crocheted a 3-round circle, but before completing the last round, I attached this circle on the first one.

So, when I finished the second circle, it looked like this:

I repeated the last step for the dark blue circle, connecting it on both circles. I crocheted the last circle using the black thread. I only crocheted 2 rounds and I connected it on cyan and dark blue circles. My necklace started to get shape! Then I prepared the chain with the clasp. On the cyan and blue circles, I attached on jump ring on each, and just before closing the jump rings, I inserted the jump rings in the chain. So here is my finished necklace! Cute right?


So, you are free to reproduced it, change anything you want, resell it, any any anything you want, no copyright rules, but pleaaaase, mention my name referring to this post. Thank you! :)

See you later!
Many many kisses!!